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RS Group is a young company formed by a team of visionary people and focused on results. The group stands out in the world market for its expertise in identifying digital asset online solutions.


Focus on Results
Spirit of Pioneering
Ethics and Responsibility
Agility and Commitment


Bring each client to get above-average profits in the digital asset market, through our consulting services and high technology investment.


To be reference in the market for this business model proving that it is possible to achieve gains above the average of the traditional model, acting honestly and transparently with all customers.


Following the strong trend of digital assets and constant evolution of technology, RS Group, always aiming at the success of its customers, has developed solutions strategically linked to this market.


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Frequently questions

What is RSGroup?

RSGroup is a young company formed by visionary and results-focused people. It has professionals highly qualified to attend from the basic level to the advanced scale of knowledge in the market of digital assets.

What are the advantages of becoming an RSGroup customer?

By becoming an RSGroup customer the customer enters a fully results-oriented environment where support teams and traders aim to increase customer awareness of the market and leverage their earnings through consulting and products within the digital asset market

What does RSGroup offer?

RSGroup presents solutions for high-performance investments through consultancies, advisory services, courses and training. Moreover, the company operates in the trade with the digital asset market and also offers an innovative experience to its customers through RSBotTrader, an artificial intelligence system capable of entering and exiting from very low risk operations.

How do I become an RSGroup customer?

The entry of new customers may occur by contacting the company directly through the site, support or by indication of an already active customer.
For new members, a request with the new client’s data is sent to the support for the company’s corporate assessment.
In case of approval, the new customer will be included in our records through the support team.

How do I access RSGroup services?

In order to have access to the services of the RSGroup it is necessary to have some invoice of active contribution in the system. As we work with the digital asset market, the adhesion is also done through a well-known asset that is Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin? What is your advantage?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, being a way of electronic money. Bitcoin is a digital technology that allows you to reproduce in electronic payments the efficiency of traditional paper money payments. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used as a means of payment in a completely innovative way. Bitcoins are controlled by a P2P (peer-to-peer) network without relying on central banks and is already a billion-dollar market. All Bitcoin currencies and all transactions made with them are recorded in a global index known as “blockchain,” a kind of decentralized database that uses encryption to record transactions.

What is the minimum contribution amount to open an invoice?

The minimum value for each contribution in Bitcoin is quoted in US $ 100. From there, any value.

How many accounts can each person open in the RSGroup?

Only one account per person is allowed.

Does RSGroup promise fixed earnings through its tools?

No. Because it is an extremely volatile market, there are no fixed earnings promises.

What guarantees does RSGroup offer?

RSGroup does not work with guarantees, although the contracted professionals are highly trained and focused on positive results, it is the customers’ responsibility to know that in the market to which we are inserted the profitability percentage is as high as the risks, so we are constantly studying and evaluating the market to try to always be a step ahead of the problems and bring the information and high-tech solutions to our customers as quickly as possible.

Is the RSGroup system secure?

Our internal system was designed from scratch with the best and deployed in the most sophisticated and safe structure possible.
There are also users who want more security, use two-factor authentication: via email and 2FA (which can be used with Google GA, Authy, or other).

Does RSGroup work every day?

The support, operations staff and the company’s trader banking work from Monday to Friday except holidays, during business hours. The administrative, technical, planning, financial and IT sectors work from Monday to Friday on day-trip scales.

How long is my membership valid?

For an indefinite period of time or until the client requests back the contribution that was paid to the invoice at the time of joining. There is no renewal fee.

Is it possible to ask for cancellation and return of the amount contributed?

Yes. After the contribution has been made, the customer will have a term period of 3 months, in which the return request is not allowed.
After, you can ask at any time, just open a ticket support within the virtual platform and inform the invoice number.
When requesting the cancellation or return, 10% of the amount will be deducted as a management fee.
After the request has been made, the term for credit of the portfolio value is 7 days.
The value will be credited in the same currency of entry, Bitcoin.

I want to join but I do not have Bitcoin, how do I?

You can acquire Bitcoin through brokers or through people who have for sale, operation popularly called P2P (peer to peer). After the acquisition the coins will go to your BTC portfolio.

Which Bitcoin wallet should I use to transact my coins?

The choice of the BTC wallet is at the discretion of the customer. In the event that the client wishes an advice to choose his / her wallet, it is enough to request service through the consulting and consulting solution within the RSGroup website.

How do I join?

This video tutorial is available on the RSGroup website. The other videos tutorials are available within the virtual platform and you will have access after having your registration approved.

Do I need to send any receipts after payment?

No. All confirmations are made automatically.

Is it mandatory to indicate people?

No, this is optional and always will be. Indicate someone only if you want.
This is a serious investment platform, all incomes are generated truthfully through the trade, regardless of the number of investors, or whether or not more members are joining.

After the first contribution, can I make others?

You can make add balance whenever you want.
Each new deposit will appear on your virtual platform separately from the previous ones, and will also generate the same benefits conditions.

Are there any monthly fees to be paid to RSGroup?

No. RSGroup does not charge monthly fees.

An exclusive FAQ about the operation of the virtual platform and RSBotTrader will be available within your virtual platform and you will have access after your approved registration.

If you have more questions, just contact us by requesting a service from the support ticket menu within your virtual platform.


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